The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Review

The Umbrella Academy; A school for very gifted children. Of course the word, “gifted” could use a little more clarification when it comes to this show here…

The Umbrella Academy revolves around the story of 7 siblings who grew up in the large household, their past, as well as the impending apocalypse. You can expect this outing to have a bit of flair to it. Consisting of a main cast of C-List actors, you would think the acting would be poor? But more into that later.

The story begins with several women (well more than several) that unexpectedly give birth on the same day at the same time. Mind you, these women did not get impregnated in the usual manner. All of said children caught the attention of a scientist who then tried his hardest to collect as many as possible. He ended up with 7. From there, we’re introduced to the crew of characters as they are grown at this point. Their powers are not necessarily highlighted as the show begins but it is prevalent that they do have them or they wouldn’t have been studying at The Umbrella Academy. Their father (the sciencist) unexpectedly passed away which brings all of the siblings back to where they originally grew up. It gets crazy from there.

A couple episodes in, we are quickly thrown into turmoil with the expectancy of “the end of the world”. As the story progresses, we learn much more about each of the characters especially just by how they interact with each other more than anything. I enjoyed this aspect the most. It’s by these interactions alone where we gain insight on who some of these people actually are and why they do or act how they act. The cast of actors are eclectic and varied and they all form a surprising team. The acting is OKAY, but is really improved upon by the writing in my own opinion. Some lines and scenes are very cheesy, but the consistency is always there so it is still a bit believable and even humorous at times. With the impending apocalypse looming we’re also introduced to a rag-tag team of highly trained mercenaries that are very reminiscent of Team Rocket from Pokemon. Their conversations and interactions together are great.

There are also plenty of choreographed fight scenes that bring alot of action to the forefront. These stylized fights bring alot more excitement to the various intertwining characters arcs.

As another Netflix produced series, I did not expect this level of production. The settings are very detailed (CGI or not) and when I look back I see that they strived for the best.

I won’t get too much into the theme or tone for this one just because of the simple fact that there is a large time-traveling story arc throughout that can be very convoluted if you do not pay close attention. I will say that this show isn’t made for you to think hard. It is a fun, exciting nail-biter that will have you clamoring for the next episode. And it is for that reason that I rate The Umbrella Academy Season 1, a 7 out of 10.


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