Perception – (EEZ Game Review)

Perception is the 2017 first person survival horror adventure game developed by The Deep End Games and published by Feardemic. Having a background in creating titles such as the Bioshock franchise, I was ecstatic to hear they were working on a new horror IP. Also, as a fan of horror in general, I became ultra interested in this title once hearing of the atmosphere and general gameplay elements.

Without giving too much away of the mystery involved, the story revolves around a blind woman by the name of Cassie Thornton. She is able to perceive the world around her through echolocation. This mean she can “see” through the sound vibrations that bounce off of physical objects; very similar to how bats see and traverse various areas. Throughout the game, we are playing as Cassie and are navigating a large mansion in Massachusetts in search of answers to a mystery I won’t dive into much here; but it gets interesting!

The gameplay itself is all about the echolocation of our main character Cassie. As the player, we have limited vision that is only enhanced through various sounds; such as her footsteps or her trusty cane when tapped on the ground. There’s a haunting antagonist that exists in this mansion, and you can become in direct harm if you use your cane too much in a short period of time. This rises the tension level with engrossing atmospheric elements to match.

While there’s actually not much to look at, the visual aesthetic is still visually stunning at times. Some of the minute details that give the mansion its liveliness or emptiness as one might imagine; are also some of the best moments to experience. Couple that with a boatload of creepy sounds and you have very chilling atmosphere to learn about.

I enjoyed traversing Echo Bluff of Gloucester, MS. It had stories to tell and it made sure to tell them!

Update: Watch the entire story of Perception unfold by watching the videos below!

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