Final Fantasy V – (EEZ Game Review)

As a fan of RPG games, I hold the Final Fantasy franchise close to my heart. I recently have been on a spree and completed Final Fantasy 1-5 in succession. While this is no small feat, Final Fantasy is running 15 titles strong. So that’s less than half of the franchise’s current catalog. Now with my most recent playthrough of Final Fantasy 5. Originally released in 1992 (1 year after my birthday!) by Squaresoft and multiple versions and ports since then. I’m reviewing the updated 2013 Android Mobile Version on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The story of Final Fantasy V contains many familiar elements with new characters and settings. It “starts” with meteorites falling out of space onto our newly surprised characters. As we continue through the ‘normal’ story, we come to learn of an ‘evil’ Ancient Sorcerer by the name of Exdeath who was sealed away by the Ancient Crystals just 30 years prior. Said Crystals have begun to shatter in their remote locations, in essence freeing Exdeath from his seal. In a quest to essentially save the world(s), our main characters go about their journey to not only attempt to retrieve the unshattered Crystals to banish Exdeath forever, but manage to maintain strong bonds with each other throughout the trials and tribulations that they all endure.

Overall, the gameplay from Final Fantasy V is what you’re accustomed to at this point in the franchise’s history. You got typical progression, the most updated Job system, and the active/turn based battle systems return. The classical music score that each Final Fantasy includes is not missing in this installment. Memorable scores that you enjoy listening to even while not playing, are throughout the entire game. With FFV being a full fledged RPG of its’ time, do expect to spend a good 40 hours alone on regular story progression. This doesn’t include side quests and loot you need to grab last minute. Now thats how you define a smooth difficulty level.

To be honest, up to this point my favorite Final Fantasy entry is FFIV. Yes, while I played the 3D version, I feel as though that entry was a major release to push to franchise and brand forward. Not to harp on FFV but this one didn’t have that writing that I’m accustomed to enjoying so much. To any fan of the franchise as a whole, I’d definitely recommend this title to play on any of it’s platforms!

4/5 Stars!!!

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