Luminous Productions Shows Us The Future of Gaming Graphics

Today, we’re treated to a special look at what the future of gaming fidelity should and would look like.

In the 2 minute clip above, nicknamed Back Stage, we are introduced to a female character of sorts who may be an actress or something along those lines just based on the title alone. Luminous Productions’ Luminous Engine explains that everything you see on-screen is happening in real time. The best way I can explain this is that while in the development studio and motion capture is being performed, the engine immediately produces the quality that we see in the video; minus the editing, camera changes, etc.

Now, if this is a new engine, and its’ current capabilities to create triple A gaming experiences with this type of graphical superiority, then that means that we might already be in this not too distant “future”. Then again, that was just a 2 minute video clip and not a full functioning video game, so of course the amount of resources required would be MUCH more expansive.

I’m excited for what’s to come from Luminous Productions and their engine! I’ll probably have my 8k HDTV prepped and ready by then.

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