The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Review

The Umbrella Academy; A school for very gifted children. Of course the word, “gifted” could use a little more clarification when it comes to this show here… The Umbrella Academy revolves around the story of […]


Happy Death Day 2U Movie Trailer

Universal and Blumhouse return with a sequel to their 2017 horror flick, Happy Death Day. Happy Death Day 2U follows the same storyline, with the same characters which could be pretty interesting. If you’re looking […]


Sense8 Series Review

Sense8 is an incredible show. It tells a story of 8+ strangers who end up coming together through precarious ways. They use each others’ knowledge, abilities, and skills to help each other out in their […]


New Halloween Trailer

The newest Halloween is set to release this Fall. The trailer was just released. Fans of the series would love to see this!