Cuphead – (EEZ Game Review)

Cuphead and Mugman star in ‘Don’t Deal With The Devil’.

Cuphead – (EEZ Game Review)

Cuphead is the 2D sidescrolling shoot em up from the team at MDHR Studios. It’s most notable for it’s difficulty level and 1930’s era character design. It literally looks and plays like an old school cartoon (in color). This aesthetic does it game justice

After losing a high stakes bet with the Devil at his Casino, Cuphead and Mugman are given a chance to keep their souls if they are able to retrieve contracts from the residents around various locales who’ve had previous dealings with the Devil already.

Open to two players simultaneously, Cuphead consists of a total of 19 bosses and 5 run-and-gun levels. While it has been praised for it’s overwhelmingly difficulty and learning curve, I personally didn’t find it that hard. I topped off around 30 hours for

Cuphead – (EEZ Game Review)

It’s for those reasons that I give Cuphead 7.5/10.

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